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Try These 9 Cost-Effective Tips to Maintain Your Water Heater

September 30, 2023

Water heaters play a crucial role in keeping the flow of your bathroom running smoothly. You probably don’t even realize just how important a water heater truly is — not until it breaks or something goes wrong with its system. Taking ice-cold showers and washing dishes while your hands freeze from the water isn’t exactly appealing. But that is why it is important to make sure your water heater is running the way it is supposed to.

A broken or faulty water heater can lead to a lot of unnecessary expenses. The best way to cut back on these costs is to regularly service the heater. In this blog, you will find all the different tips and tricks for water heater maintenance, so make sure to keep on reading.

Cost-Effective Tips to Maintain Your Water Heater

Replacing a water heater can burn a hole through your wallet. The only way to prevent that from happening and to avoid getting stuck with cold water is to try the steps mentioned below.

1. Take The Time to Regularly Inspect The Heater

Spending your Sunday afternoon inspecting a water heater isn’t exactly exciting, but regular inspections are essential for keeping the water heater running efficiently. It helps you detect problems early on so you can get them repaired instead of having to replace the entire unit.

2. Set The Water Heater at a Lower Temperature

Often, people turn their water heater up at the highest setting and forget all about it. This is quite dangerous as the water can overheat and cause burns if you’re not careful. The ideal setting for this is medium to low heat. Adjust the temperature accordingly.

3. Check for Faults in The Anode Rod

The anode rod is a rod inside the water heater that needs to be swapped every few years. It’s a major component that sits right in the middle of the tank, separating the minerals from the water. But over time, these minerals can gather on the rod itself, damaging the rest of the water heater as well.

4. Drain out The Tank

Draining a water heater tank is an absolute must. In fact, you should do it on an annual basis so the inside of the tank can be clean, too. All the gathered debris and sediment inside the tank gets pushed out when you drain it.

5. Consult a Professional Plumber

One of the easiest ways to ensure your water heater is working properly is by calling in a technician. Experienced plumbers can tell if something is wrong just by looking at the tank.

Closing Words

No one wants to replace their entire water heater, especially with how expensive the entire procedure can be. But you never know when you might run into a plumbing emergency. This is why it is necessary to keep inspecting your water heater every now and then. If you notice something amiss, do not wait around. Contact Santana Bros Plumbing immediately by calling (713) 494-5504. You can also visit our main office located at 12301 Roy Rd, Pearland, TX 77581, United States.

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