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Top 10 Must-Have Plumbing Tools in Every House

October 15, 2023

A plumbing disaster can take place anytime, turning the condition of a peaceful home upside down. However, keeping yourself equipped with the appropriate tools in your toolkit can differentiate between a small disruption and a massive crisis. It can either be a leaky tap, a clogged drain, or a pipe burst, remaining ready with a suitable tool is crucial to help yourself. Let’s uncover the mystery of these top 10 must-have tools every layman’s toolkit needs.

1. Plunger

It is an old, yet compulsory equipment for getting rid of blocked toilet drains. It forms a field around the toilet bowl or drain opening, enabling you to put substantial pressure to release the blockage.

2. Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is crafted to hold and twist threaded pipes and fittings clockwise or anti-clockwise. It is multifunctional due to its adaptable jaws, letting you grip, fasten, and loosen the pipe safely when you do installations or repairs.

3. Pipe Tape

Pipe tape (Teflon tape) is utilized to secure pipe threads, stopping leaks in threaded attachments. It’s a straightforward yet efficient remedy for making sure that watertight conceals in numerous plumbing tasks.

4. Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is a flexible equipment that can be utilized for plenty of projects, like fastening or letting loose typical bolts and nuts. Its versatile jaw breadth allows it to be appropriate for various pipe lengths and diameters.

5. Pipe Cutter

A pipe cutter is important for slicing pipes neatly while performing repairs or replacements. There are many kinds of pipe cutters in the market, such as tube cutters and pipe-cutting equipment, appropriate for a vast number of materials.

6. Plumber’s Measuring Tape

When it comes to plumbing jobs precise measurements are critical. A plumber’s tape measure is particularly manufactured for plumbing duties, to make precise measurements possible for different pipe lengths.

7. Hacksaw

Such a tool is utilized for slicing metal pipes, screws, bolts, nuts, and similar materials. For repairs and installations, it is a piece of convenient equipment for getting rid of deteriorating parts of pipes beforehand.

8. Basin Wrench

A basin wrench is particularly crafted for fastening or loosening nuts in nooks and crannies (tight spots), like those found at the back of sinks and basins. Its convenient handle and rotating jaw make it useful for tackling hard-to-reach areas.

9. Toilet Auger

A toilet auger, a.k.a closet auger, is designed to get rid of clogs in toilets. Its lengthy, versatile cable can penetrate far into the drain to eliminate rigid blockages without causing harm to the porcelain surface.

10. Hammers and Screwdrivers

Commonly found tools like hammers and screwdrivers are easily available in every household, they are routine tools for minor day-to-day tasks like putting nails into walls. Although they are comparatively useless for heavy jobs such as placing pipe brackets, fastening screws, and placing fixtures.

Wrapping Up

Keeping these 10 must-have tools at your disposal can save you from numerous minor plumbing problems. With suitable tools and reasonable know-how of their usage, you can tackle minor plumbing emergencies on your own with confidence.

Facing a major plumbing disaster beyond your expertise? It is time to reach out to the professionals at Santana Bros Plumbing, give us a call at 713-494-5504 and we will be on our way to resolve your issue or you can also write us an email at for further queries.

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