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Houston tx Repipe Specialists - Is It Time for A Houston Repipe?

July 13, 2022
 Santana Bros Plumbing

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Not sure whether or not you need our Houston tx repipe specialists? Here are common signs to watch for that indicate it’s time to replace your pipes.


Unexplained Low Water Pressure

If your water pressure gradually gets slower with no obvious explanation, it's likely that you may need a Houston repipe. It's probable that you have a sediment and rust buildup inside your pipes. This buildup creates blockages that make it hard for water to flow freely, leaving you with a weak shower. Keep in mind that very sudden drops in water pressure are likely due to a different issue.


Discolored Water

Sediment buildup and rust forming on the inside of pipes can cause water to have a slightly reddish-brown hue or be otherwise discolored. This is also a strong indication that you may be in need of our Houston repipe services. While this is not dangerous, it can affect the taste of your water as well as indicate that your pipes are getting old and should be replaced soon.


Visible Rust or Cracking

Over time, pipes of any material will begin to rust and crack. Tiny hairline cracks and visible rust are often the first noticeable sign that you should consider our Houston repipe service. Make it a habit to visually inspect any exposed pipes in your home every 6 months or so. Look for small cracks, rust, and other discoloration. If you start to notice many signs of rust or cracking, contact our Houston tx repipe specialists to get an opinion on whether or not it’s time to replace your pipes.


Noisy Pipes

Pipes that are breaking down or rusting from the inside will make a lot of noise because water flow is impeded and the water will crash into the inside of the pipes and cause them to vibrate and clang as it makes its way through. There are a number of other things that can cause noisy pipes, however, to be safe you should still contact our Houston tx repipe specialists to inspect the situation to get to the bottom of the strange sounds.


Multiple Leaks

Are you noticing frequent leaks in your pipes? If you find yourself having to get leaks fixed on a regular basis, this is a strong signal that you should contact us for our Houston repipe services to have your piping replaced. If your pipes are leaking often, they will likely just continue to leak more and more frequently until they eventually break down completely, and it is more cost effective to have them replaced now as opposed to paying to have them repaired over and over again.

If you are looking to have your pipes inspected, replaced or want to learn more about what our Houston tx repipe specialists can do for you,  get in touch with Santana Bros Plumbing today!


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