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Houston Garbage Disposal Installation Benefits

June 30, 2022
 Santana Bros Plumbing

 Plumber installing a garbage disposal.

Thinking about having a Houston garbage disposal installation for your kitchen? Here are the top benefits.


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Helps Prevent Clogs

Perhaps the best reason for a Houston garbage disposal installation is the fact that it will help maintain your plumbing system by preventing annoying and damaging clogs in your sink. When you use a garbage disposal, you grind up all of those little food bits that inevitably wash down the kitchen sink. When left whole, those bits will get stuck somewhere in your pipes and eventually create blockages, but when they are ground up by the disposal they will wash through your plumbing without getting caught up.


Cuts Down on Odor

Homeowners know how pesky kitchen odors can be. A common culprit of lingering kitchen smells is food bits that have gotten trapped in the drain. Using a garbage disposal mitigates this problem because the disposal grinds up any pieces of food that are stuck in the drain and washes them down your pipes, keeping your drain cleaner and stink-free.


Prevents Bacteria Buildup

In addition to preventing unpleasant odors, using a garbage disposal regularly also keeps bacteria from building up in your drain. Bacteria buildup in a sink is unhygienic and can contribute to poor indoor air quality as well as attract flies and other pests to your kitchen. A Houston garbage disposal installation is a simple way to keep your kitchen sanitary and bug-free.


How to Choose a Garbage Disposal Unit

When choosing your garbage disposal unit, you want to make sure that you pick one that makes the most sense for your particular needs. Think about how often you use the kitchen and whether you need a more heavy-duty disposal or something basic. Consider motor size, noise levels, and cost when making your decision. If you have questions about our Houston garbage disposal installation services or would like a professional opinion on which model is right for your kitchen, get in touch with Santana Bros Plumbing today!


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