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Simple Ways to Reduce Water Waste

December 30, 2021
 Santana Bros Plumbing

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Whether your New Year’s resolution is to reduce your environmental impact, save money, or both, this list of easy ways to waste less water will help you turn over a new leaf this year. Follow these tips to waste less water and save more money on your monthly bills.


Get Leaks Fixed as Soon as You Notice Them

When you notice any leak, get it repaired immediately, no matter how minor it may seem. Even very small leaks waste a significant amount of water because there is a constant flow dripping out. Minor leaks can also turn into major leaks or even burst pipes if left unchecked, which results in a lot of water waste, damage, and a much more costly repair job. Do yourself and the environment a favor and call a plumber as soon as you spot that leak.

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Turn off the Tap While You Brush

A lot of people let the water run the whole time they are brushing their teeth, which is a big waste of water. Instead, wet your brush, turn off the tap, and brush your teeth without turning the water back on until it’s time to rinse your mouth. Getting into this small habit every day will save you a lot of water, resulting in lower bills and a smaller environmental footprint.


Use Less Water in the Shower

Make a commitment to using less water in the shower. There are a few ways you can do this. One obvious option is to take shorter showers–you really only need a few minutes to get clean, you don’t need to stand in the shower having an existential crisis for an extra fifteen minutes. Another way you can reduce water usage in the shower is to turn off the water while you soap up, then turn it back on again when you’re ready to rinse off.


Upgrade Your Plumbing

Upgrading to new plumbing fixtures such as showerheads, toilets, faucets, and water heaters significantly increases the efficiency of your plumbing system. Newer models are designed to be highly efficient and use less water while giving you the functionality you want. 

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