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How Much Does It Cost to Repipe a House in Texas?

November 30, 2023

Looking forward to replumbing your whole house but wondering how much finances to keep aside for the task? There’s no fixed number any plumbing professional can give you, as the costs vary. You can list your preferences, such as repiping material, the land area of your house, and the plumbing company you choose for repiping services in Pearland, TX. It should cost you $1500-$15000+ on average, depending on certain factors.

Repiping Cost Variables

1. Number of Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures include toilets, dishwashers, water heaters, showers, etc. And they serve the most important function in your plumbing systems: draining and supplying water. So, the house repiping cost has a direct connection with them. As the number of fixtures increases, the cost tags along. Due to the elevated time and materials required to execute new pipes.

2. Land Area of the House and Number of Floors

Suppose you need to repipe a huge land area. You will need extra labor and repiping materials. This will be impossible without stretching your budget. Plumbers must break the walls down to install vertical pipes in a multiple-story house. A smaller house will consume less materials and labor, significantly lowering the cost.

Another factor that greatly affects the cost will be the age of the house. An old building or house means an old plumbing system with irreparable wear and tear, ending its lifespan. To stop plumbing problems, such as water leakage, your professional repiping services providers in Pearland, TX, will repipe it from scratch. Doing so will increase the amount of resources and pricing.

3. Pipe Diameter

Larger pipes don’t necessarily mean more water. It also means more cost. You can expect the repiping price to rise if you choose a pipe with a huge diameter.

4. Availability

Pipes that are located in the nooks and crannies of your house. You have to crawl or squeeze through these places to gain access. It increases the intensity of the job and, hence, requires more effort, time, and money.

5. Miscellaneous Aspects

Besides the main task, you can’t ignore the extra services and add-ons. Routine cleanup treatments, warranties, and drywall fixation all together affect the ultimate cost of repiping.

6. Permits and Examinations

Based on your location, it can require you to acquire specific permits and perform professional examinations. Ensure you hire a seasoned plumbing company like Santana Bros Plumbing to handle all the required regulations to prevent violations.

House Repiping Cost Calculator

There’s no hard and fast formula to accurately forecast the whole house repiping cost. However, you can have a mere estimation of the budget you need to keep aside. The things you need to figure out are:

  • The exact area of your house in terms of square feet, number of plumbing fixtures, kitchen, bathrooms, sinks, etc.
  • Selection of pipe material like PEX, CPVC, Copper, etc.
  • The labor cost depends on how much demolition and repairs it requires. Location, hard-to-access pipes, etc., can also add to it.
  • Ensure that you add the cost of special permits and inspections to the job, too.

You can add the prices of job supplies required to repipe the house, such as fitting, connectors, mounting hardware, etc. Then, after adding the high to low prices of all these, you can get an average total cost.

Similarly, you can also estimate the emergency plumbing cost.

Bottom Line

Every time a pipe in your plumbing system breaks down, you pay service charges for repair. All these charges can add up and surpass the total repiping cost. If you live in Pearland, TX, trust the repiping services of your native professionals.

We at Santana Bros Plumbing can end the plumbing troubles for you once and for all. For effective and durable whole-house repiping, call us at (713) 494-5504 to book an inspection.


1. How long can it take to repipe a whole house?

Repiping time depends on the number of bathrooms, plumbing fixtures, and the size of your house. It can take from 2 days to one week. You can expect your water supply to face a downtime, so plan how to cope. You can also talk to your plumber to reduce the downtime.

2. Is repiping the whole house an easy job?

Whole-house repiping sounds daunting, but it won’t be if you consult the right repiping company. You can discuss the amount of work required to be done, the right materials to use, and the number of labor required.

3. What risks are associated with untreated piping issues?

If you don’t repipe the old house, it can result in unpredicted pipe bursts, causing water damage. This can further lead to mold growth inside your home. So, if you detect a leak in your house, act quickly and replace that pipe section with a new one.

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