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Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

April 28, 2022

Lots of plumbing leaks occur in places you can’t see, such as behind walls or under floors. Here’s how you can find them.

Mysterious Stains on Your Wall or Ceiling

Do you have strange stains appearing on your walls or ceiling? Those could be water stains coming from water behind the walls. If you notice water stains where, as far as you know, there has been no water exposure, you should definitely take that as a sign to call a plumber. Have them inspect your system to determine where the water is coming from and whether a leak is the cause.

An Unexplained Increase in Your Bill

Is your water bill suddenly higher with no obvious explanation? It could be that the extra water usage is coming from a hidden leak somewhere. If you notice a suspicious spike in your water bill, keep an eye on it and watch for more signs that you have a hidden leak. 

Musty Odor

If something smells off or musty around your home, that can mean you have a hidden leak. The moisture from a plumbing leak creates a humid environment where mildew and mold can grow. If the mildew or mold is growing in a hidden spot, the first noticeable sign of it will be the smell.

Reduced Water Pressure

If your water pressure is lower than usual, that could be a sign that some of your water flow is being diverted by a leak. There are lots of other things that can cause reduced water pressure as well, including high simultaneous water usage and clogs. However, if you rule out other factors and/or notice other signs from this list, the pressure change in your home is likely due to a leak somewhere in your system.

If you suspect a hidden leak somewhere in your plumbing, get in touch with Santana Bros today! One of our plumbers will do a thorough inspection of your plumbing in order to identify and fix any leaks.

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