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Why isn’t My Water Heating Up?

February 25, 2022

Run yourself a nice, hot bath only to find out it’s not so hot after all? These common water heater problems could be the culprit.

Hot Water Tank Leak

A common reason why water won’t heat up is because your hot water tank is leaking. When a tank is leaking, it can’t keep enough hot water in the tank for all of your household needs, which is why you run the hot water tap and get cold water. Check your hot water tank’s connections at the valves and pipes and inspect the entire tank for dripping, pooled water, or condensation. If you find a leak, call a plumber right away.

Too-Small Tank

Another common issue is that your hot water tank is too small for the amount of hot water your household needs. If you find that you don’t have hot water when multiple appliances in your home are running simultaneously (i.e. someone is taking a shower while the washing machine is running) but your hot water returns when you run hot water in just one location, this is likely the problem. Consider upgrading your hot water heater to something with a larger tank that can keep up with the demand.

Sediment Buildup

Sediment can build up in your hot water tank, making the heating mechanism less effective and resulting in water that doesn’t get as hot as it used to. If you suspect that this might be the issue, call a plumber to inspect and fix the problem. To prevent sediment buildup, have your hot water tank flushed out once a year.

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