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Houston Hot Water Heater Replacement and Repair

If you’re looking for Houston tx water heater replacement or repairs, look no further than Santana Bros Plumbing! Whether you’re looking to repair or replace your water heater, our team of expert technicians can handle the job.

From traditional hot water tanks to tankless water heaters, we’re familiar with all types of functionality and can get the job done quickly and professionally.

Is your water heater past 10 years old? You may want to consider our Houston hot water heater replacement services and upgrade to a new one. Leaving an old water heater until it’s too late can result in flooding and potential damage to your home.
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Water Heater Failure Warning Signs

If you’re suddenly noticing a spike in your utility bills or your water heater is beginning to struggle to get the job done, it may be a sign that repairs or replacement might be needed. Check your hot water tank on a regular basis to ensure it’s not leaking or rusting, look for any pooling water around the tank, or corrosion on the unit itself.

Poor water quality from your tap that includes rust-colored or strange smelling water could also be a sign that something is wrong with your hot water tank. If you notice your hot water tank is making strange noises, it could indicate a scale buildup on your unit’s heating elements.

Common Water Heater Problems

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A Leaking Tank

If you find that your Houston hot water tank is leaking, be sure to switch off your home’s water immediately. You can normally locate the valve in your basement, or sometimes under the kitchen sink. In most cases, a leaking tank means you’ll need to replace the hot water tank as repairing a cracked tank can be just as costly and not as effective as a full replacement.
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Not Enough Hot Water

If you find you’re running out of hot water too quickly, it could be something to do with the heating elements or, if it’s a gas water heater, there could be an issue with the pilot light. If you’re unsure of how to check this, get in touch with Santana Bros Plumbing and we can help
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Water is Too Hot or Too Cold

Your water heater may be running at an efficient capacity or could potentially be the wrong size. We can evaluate your water heater and determine if it’s the right size and provide a recommendation for possible solutions.
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Other Water Heater Problems:
  • Booming noises coming from the tank
  • Discolored, cloudy, or rusty water
  • Water smells strange
  • Leaking pressure relief valve
  • Pilot light won’t stay lit
Like with many other large home appliances, standard and regular maintenance is important. If you’re worried about your hot water heater failing, or want to ensure it’s still running properly, contact Santana Bros Plumbing. We will be happy to check your tank and make sure everything is running properly. If your water heater is failing we would encourage you to consider our Houston hot water heater replacement or repair services. Click below to learn more or to ask any questions you may have, we are at your service!
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The Risk of Not Repairing or Replacing Your Old Hot Water Tank

Other than the inconvenience of not having running hot water, there’s a larger risk to your home if you fail to maintain, repair, or replace an older hot water heater. Most hot water tanks hold around 50 gallons of water. If a tank ruptures, that’s a lot of water flooding into your home. Water damage can be costly to repair and can negatively impact the structural integrity of your home.

Don’t leave it to chance, get your hot water tank looked at by the professionals.

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Houston Hot Water Heater Replacement & Repairs

If the performance of your hot water heater has begun to decline or you’ve discovered a leak, it’s probably time to have your tank checked over by a professional. A leaking water heater can cause a considerable increase in both your electricity and water utility bills. Besides the risk of damage to your home from a leaking hot water heater, as hot water leaks, cold water is flooded back into the system so your heater is in a constant state of hearing which means your energy bill will be climbing all the time.

Tankless Hot Water Heater Repair

Tankless water heaters require a constant connection to a gas or electric source in order to heat the water and keep the system running. Though the tankless water heaters are more energy efficient as they’re not constantly heating water, if they encounter any technical difficulties, you will need a professional to fix the problem. The team at Santana Bros Plumbing is happy to assist you with all your tankless hot water heater repairs.

Houston tx Water Heater Replacement or Repair?

When it comes down to the decision to repair or replace your hot water heater, you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons and pick the best solution to meet your needs. While repairing a hot water heater is likely going to be more cost effective in the short term, it may only work as a band aid solution. If you’re looking for a long term solution, it may be easier and more cost effective in the long run to consider our Houston hot water heater replacement services.
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Hot Water Heater Tanks - The majority of homes still use a traditional hot water heater, usually powered by gas or electric, with a capacity that’s dependent on your home’s size and needs. Santana Bros Plumbing is highly experienced when it comes to the installation of hot water heaters and can provide you the best options for your home.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters - A product that has gained in popularity over the past few years is tankless water heaters. While the initial cost of installing a tankless hot water heater is a little higher than a traditional hot water tank, it has a number of advantages that can pay off in the long term. A tankless hot water heater doesn’t need to be constantly heated as the water is pumped directly through the system and is heated on demand, able to provide constant, endless hot water throughout your home. As a result, tankless water heaters are highly energy efficient and can save you money on energy consumption on a monthly basis. If you’d like to consider a tankless hot water heater for your home, contact Santana Bros Plumbing for a free evaluation and estimate.
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Whether you’re looking to repair an existing hot water heater, or install a brand new one, we can help! Contact Santana Bros Plumbing for all your water heater maintenance needs in Houston, TX.
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