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Tips to Prevent Sewer Backup

March 25, 2021
 SLMP Admin

Sewage isn't something many of us think about. After all, such things tend to be out of sight, out of mind - until, of course, your sewage gets backed up and you find yourself scrambling to contact a plumber for emergency plumbing services, often in the middle of the night. Luckily, sewer backup is easily preventable. In today’s post, Santana Bros Plumbing shares three tips to help you avoid this nasty problem.

Sewage Backup Prevention

A sewage backup is one of the worst plumbing problems to have. It can lead to leaks and burst pipes that will put you in a contaminated situation and expose you and your family to a host of different illnesses like the stomach flu, typhoid fever and hepatitis A. 

To prevent premature sewer replacements or emergency repairs, here are a few preventive measures you can take:

Proper grease disposal. Never pour used cooking grease, oil or fat down your drains, as these aren't easily broken down in the wastewater treatment process. This means they can solidify and block your pipes, especially in cold weather. Instead, pour them in a dedicated jar and throw it out with the rest of your trash.

Don't treat your toilet like a waste bin. Many of us are guilty of this to a certain degree. To avoid clogged toilets, never flush things like feminine products, paper towels or diapers down the toilet. 

Add drain traps. Insert drain baskets or strainers in your kitchen sink to stop large food particles from going down your drain. 

Schedule regular maintenance. This cannot be stressed enough. Most people call plumbers when the problem is already apparent, but scheduling regular preventive maintenance can go a long way toward ensuring that you don't suffer any severe plumbing issues. 

From installing tankless water heaters to whole-house repipes, Santana Bros Plumbing has the skills and experience to get the job done right. For all your plumbing needs, feel free to give us a call at (713) 494-5504 or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation inspection today.

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