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Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks

October 30, 2021

Got a leaky pipe and wondering why? Here are the most common causes of plumbing leaks and what to do to help prevent them.


Corrosion is a common cause of leaky pipes. There are multiple factors that can cause corrosion, including the use of drain cleaners, very high or low levels of ph in water, and aging pipes. Liquid drain cleaning products contain corrosive chemicals that eat away at pipes as well as clogs, so it is better for your plumbing to use a plunger or snake to get rid of clogging. If your pipes are aging or have noticeable signs of corrosion, have a plumber inspect them and replace the pipes if needed–before they leak all over the place.

High Water Pressure

When water pressure is too high, it can cause straining on your pipes and lead to leakage. If you notice that your water pressure seems particularly high, speak to a plumber immediately. They can inspect your pipes to determine whether there is any damage as well as determine the cause of the high water pressure and solve the problem before it damages your pipes too badly.


Clogs in your pipes can do more than just make your drain slow. They can also cause damage and leaks in your pipes. This is because a clog creates pressure in the pipe behind the blockage, straining the pipe and resulting in leaks or even burst pipes sometimes. If you notice that your drains are getting clogged frequently, book a professional drain cleaning today!

Frozen Pipes

If the temperature goes below freezing, your pipes can easily become frozen. As your pipes freeze and thaw, they will expand and contract, which can cause a pipe to burst. This usually happens suddenly and can cause a significant amount of water damage. If you have a pipe burst in your home, turn off your water main as quickly as possible to reduce the damage.

If you have leaky plumbing, don’t ignore it. Hire a plumber and get it fixed as soon as you notice the leak, even if it seems mild. The longer you wait, the more likely the leak will cause bigger issues and may result in a burst pipe or other plumbing emergency.

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