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Home Drain Care Tips

June 24, 2021

Use Drain Strainers

Hair is the main culprit in stubborn shower and bathtub drain blockages. The solution is simple, just use drain strainers. You can buy these inexpensively at your local hardware store. Just pop them in your drain and they’ll collect hair and other debris, preventing it from washing down the drain and clogging things up.

Don’t Pour Oils or Fats Down the Drain

Many people figure that since cooking oils and fats are liquid, it’s okay to pour them down the kitchen sink. However, oils and fats can cause major plumbing issues. This is because, although they may be liquid when you pour them down the drain, oils and fats will solidify as they cool, so once they are in your pipes they will become solid and create blockages. Instead of pouring fats and oils down the drain after cooking, pour them into a jar or can, allow the container to cool fully, then toss the whole thing in the trash.

Avoid Liquid Drain Cleaners

If you’re first thought when you have a slow drain is to reach for a bottle of liquid drain cleaner, you’re not alone. However, most people aren’t aware that these products actually do more harm than good. Store-bought liquid drain cleaners contain corrosive chemicals that eat away at clogs, but unfortunately these chemicals also eat away at your pipes! Repeated exposure to these chemicals will result in leaky pipes and bigger, more expensive problems than a simple clog. Next time you have a clogged drain, grab a plunger instead.

Don’t Treat Your Garbage Disposal Like a Trash Can

Garbage disposals are not built to handle large kitchen scraps like melon rinds or coffee grounds. Garbage disposals are meant to be used to dispose of the small food scraps that inevitably get washed down the drain, nothing bigger. Large food scraps will dull your garbage disposal’s blades and can jam up the mechanism. Toss larger kitchen scraps in the compost instead and your garbage disposal will stay functional for longer and require fewer repairs.

Get Your Drains Professionally Cleaned

The best preventative maintenance you can do for your drains is to have them professionally cleaned once a year or so. This gets rid of any debris that may be hiding in your pipes just waiting to cause major blockages and keeps your plumbing running smoothly and efficiently.
Trust Santana Bros Plumbing for all of your drain care needs. Got a different plumbing problem? We take care of that, too! Get in touch today for a free quote.


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