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How to Choose the Right Plumber

January 31, 2022

Need a plumber but not sure who to call? It can be overwhelming choosing a plumber because there are a lot of different companies out there. Here’s how to identify the most professional, reliable plumbers before you hire them.

Check Reviews

The first thing you should do when considering a plumbing company is to check their reviews online. Pay attention to what both positive and negative reviews say. What was the experience like for those who were happy with the plumber? What was it like for those who were unsatisfied? Choose a plumber who has good reviews and who has impressed reviewers with customer service, efficiency, and thorough, professional work.

Ask About Credentials

When getting in touch with a new plumbing company, ask them about the credentials of their team before you hire them. You want to make sure that any plumber coming to your home is fully licensed, certified, and insured. If a plumber hesitates too much or dodges the question, it’s probably better to move on and choose a different company.

Choose an Experienced Company

Plumbing is a complicated field that requires knowledge of a ton of different parts, techniques, and equipment. Because of this, your best bet is to choose a company that’s been in the business for a while. Plumbers with years of experience are generally much more skilled at diagnosing issues quickly and knowing exactly what repairs or upgrades are needed.

Request a Quote

A good plumber will be able and willing to give you an accurate price estimate for the job you want done. If you give a plumber a few basic details about the job you’re looking to have done for you, they should be happy to let you know a price quote for what you’re looking for. If they refuse to give you a quote, that is a red flag and you should look for another company.

At Santana Bros Plumbing, we’re happy to provide customers with free quotes on all types of plumbing services, including repairs, inspections, and installations. Get in touch today for your free quote.

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